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HP DC04 SAN Director Switch

HP DC04 SAN Director Switch

Price and buy

The HP B-series SAN Director Switch portfolio is the industry’s most powerful Fibre Channel switching infrastructure, providing the most reliable, scalable, high-performance foundation for private cloud storage and highly virtualized environments. The SN8000B leverages proven DC SAN Director Switch technology and consists of an 8-slot 14U chassis and a 4-slot 9U chassis. The director provides up to 384 16Gb FC ports and up to 32 QSFP based Inter Chassis Links (ICLs) which are equivalent to 128 16Gb FC ports. It also provide up to 8.2 Tbps of total aggregate bandwidth and 512 Gb/s of slot bandwidth. The DC SAN Director Switch targets traditional data centers and consist of an 8-slot 14U chassis and a 4-slot 9U chassis. The director provides up to 512 8Gb FC ports for 4.1 Tb/s of total aggregate bandwidth and 256 Gb/s of slot bandwidth. In the future, customers may convert a DC chassis in production environments to a SN8000B Director with non-disruptive core blade replacements.
What's new
New Enhanced Multiprotocol Extension Blade with enhanced IP Security features to replicate data across distances
Industry Leading Performance
SN8000B SAN Director Switches feature industry-leading 16 Gb/s performance and 8.2 Tb/s chassis bandwidth to address next-generation I/O- and bandwidth-intensive applications for private cloud storage and highly virtualized environments.
DC SAN Director Switches are the most advanced 8Gb switching platform in the industry and offer up to 4.1 Tb/s chassis bandwidth to address traditional data center requirements.
All B-series SAN Director Switches offer local switching capabilities to ensure data traffic within the same port group does not consume slot bandwidth, maximizing the number of line-rate ports.
Simplifies Scale Out Network Design
Enables flatter, any-to-any low-latency chassis connectivity that reduces complexity and cost.
Reduces inter-switch cables by 75 percent, reducing complexity and management tasks.
Preserves up to 33 percent of ports for servers and storage, maximizing overall port density in the lowest amount of rack space.
Optimizes Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions
Enables flexible, high-speed replication solutions over metro or WAN links with native 10 Gb/s Fibre Channel or 10GbE FCIP extension support.
Minimizes the risk of unauthorized access with in-flight data encryption at wire speed.
Reduces bandwidth costs with in-flight data compression at wire speed.
Simplifies Deployment and Reduces Costs
SN8000B SAN Director Switches accelerate deployment and troubleshooting tasks with new inline port diagnostics and advanced monitoring.
Simplifies and centralizes management of server connectivity and network resources through HP SAN Network Advisor.
SN8000B SAN Director Switches centralize fabric-wide power monitoring to support more efficient operations.
System Features
See detailed specs: US QuickSpecs » pdf
Port speed: 8 Gb/s Fibre Channel
Ports: (16 - 256) Fibre Channel; 16 active, 256 maximum, requires at least 16 active ports to operate
Aggregate switch bandwidth: 1.5 Tb/s
Protocol support: Fibre Channel, FCIP, FICON, and FCoE
Availability: Support “five nines” availability (i.e. 99.999%)
Redundant hot swappable components
Redundant power and cooling subsystems
Automatic Control Processor failover
Non-disruptive “hot” software code loads and activation concurrent hardware upgrades
Media types: B-series 16, 8, and 4 Gb/s, XFP Small Form Factor (SFP)
Management: B-series SAN Network Advisor
Integration with Storage Essentials
Upgradability: 8Gb and 16Gb Fibre Channel blades, 1GbE and 10GbE FCIP Extension blades, Encryption Blade, and FCoE Blade, depending on model.
Models available: SN8000B 8-slot and 4-slot chassis models; DC and DC04 chassis models
Optional software: FICON CUP, MP Blade Performance Extension, ICL License, Enterprise ICL License, and SAN Network Advisor Software are optional for both DC SAN Directors; Power Pack+ Software bundle, Adaptive Networking, Fabric Watch, ISL Trunking, Extended Fabric, Advanced Performance Monitoring, and SAO are optional for only the DC04 SAN Director
Form factor: 9U
Warranty - year(s) (parts/labor/onsite): 2/2/2
What's in the box: 256-port capable Fibre Channel Director with 8 Gb capable performance, (2) control processors, (2) power supplies, (1) 2 GB USB Device, rack rails, cable comb Zoning, Web tools, Enhanced Group Management, SAN Network Advisor Professional Software (separate DVD), and Data Center Enterprise Software 90 day trial kit (separate DVD). Does not include Port blades or SFPs.

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